Internship and Apprenticeship Placement

You’ve got a dream--now what about experience?

With internship placement support at local businesses and organizations, we support you to not only set yourself apart from the crowd, but also gain valuable hands-on experience in the field of your interest! We have partnered with many a local business to offer students the opportunity for gaining insight and practical, real-life experience as an intern in the fields of:

  • Legal work
  • Journalism
  • Dog training
  • Visual art and crafts
  • Theater and film production
  • Nutrition and wellness
  • Retail and fashion
  • Fitness
  • Food and Hospitality
  • Scientific Research... and more

Having practical experience in a field of your interest immediately catches admission officials’ eyes and helps you to positively distinguish yourself from your peers. Additionally, interning in a hands-on, real-life setting gives you invaluable life skills that truly cannot be learned in the classroom. Lastly, you will make lasting connections in the industry that may very well serve you come graduation time! Interning and apprenticeships, once a thing of the past, are now “the thing” again. We help you to find the right fit and placement for your skills, interests and personality.

Gain an internship, gain a life experience that you will proudly cherish forever.

Our Clients Say:

You have been a true gift to our girls! We are so thankful for you in our lives, Nita. The direction and confidence that you have given them is beyond our expectations (who knew that you'd help M. to find a job, too?). THANK YOU does not cover it. You are the BEST.
Nina S. (parent of two High School Juniors)

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