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As an independent educational consultant (also known as an independent college counselor and mentor), I approach my work as a guide in a "choose your own adventure" novel, with the "adventure" being the future and the "novel" being life. This adventure is a serious and important one, not to be taken lightly. And it is process that can certainly have lightness and--yes, even joy--in it!

I work with students from start to finish of the college admissions process. I am not just a college counselor but I am essentially a coach, mentor, "fairy godmother auntie" and teacher rolled into one. While I don't make dreams come true with a swish of my wand, I do help to make my students' dreams clear and the application process be one of straightforwardness and ease.


My Mission to support every student in reaching their highest potential - to support them in becoming confident in heart, conscientious in mind, caring in spirit, and successful and happy on their chosen vocational path.

I am passionate about teaching and supporting young adults to find their respective way in the world. As a teenager, I sought this kind of guidance and did not find it. My longing for a coach and mentor on my path to adulthood was the inspiration for the work I do today as an independent educational consultant.

I hold a Bachelor's degree Magna Cum Laude from Barnard College, and I followed this course of study with a Master of Fine Arts from Naropa University. After five years as a high school teacher, in 2012 I began focusing on college counseling, tutoring and mentoring, and have completed the highly regarded Independent Educational Consultant Certification course through UC Irvine. In 2018, I became a full member of HECA, the Higher Educational Consultant's Association.

In addition to guidance work, I am a theater and film director, a runner and cyclist, an outdoor enthusiast, a puppy mama, and a true lover of all things creative.

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