College Counseling

Optimize your higher education choices with individualized support and tailored guidance.

Make the college admissions process one of ease. Say goodbye to confusion, overwhelm, and stress with vital resources, essential tools and effective strategies for high school students, parents, and college students seeking to head on to graduate school. Specializing in visual arts portfolio guidance and performing arts audition coaching, along with:

  • Freshman and sophomore year guidance and planning
  • Junior and senior year planning and optimization
  • Higher Education program search and "match list" creation
  • Gap year planning
  • Start to finish college application guidance
  • Financial aid and scholarship search and support
  • Personal statement and resume coaching
  • Interview preparation
  • creative coaching for visual and performing artists

Life Counseling: find your path and take charge of your dreams

Gain clarity on your next steps after high school, college or beyond. Gain insight and self-knowledge through one-on-one support, and find strength in your voice, clarity in your vision and joy in your journey. Specializing in working with young adults and adults seeking to step into the creative, visual, or performing arts. And working with everyone seeking greater purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in their life.

Are you getting ready for your next adventure beyond high school or college ? Let's explore what's possible with a FREE 30 minute consultation.

Our Clients Say:

Nita embodies all that she teaches and works with her students on. She has done her homework, so to speak... She is, in addition, extremely empathetic, sympathetic and rigorous with colleagues and students. This is a rare gift. She is a rare and valued colleague and an inspiration to her students.... She will make a difference, and has already, in many people's lives as a teacher, counselor and mentor.
W. Beavers (teacher and colleague)