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Summertime In Action, or Summertime Inaction: Simple Actions for High School Seniors in the Summer


Summer arrives and with it, sleeping in, lazy days, time with friends, relaxing and enjoying the freedom of extra time time —- before the stress of Senior year and college applications hit. 

This is often the scenario for rising seniors doing their summer months, but with a little bit of simply planning, effective strategizing, and timely action, a high school senior’s summer can be both enjoyable AND productive. And, better yet, time spent in the summer taking acting will limit and alleviate the stress that can weigh so heavily down on a Fall semester high school senior. 

What to Do

During the weeks of summer, there is MUCH that a high school senior can do. A few simply action steps that a senior can take to prepare for their college applications are:

  • create your account for the Common Application
  • fill in all necessary information (family information, grades, activities and interests) before even beginning the essay.
  • read through the Common App’s personal statement essay options and choosing which one to write for.
  • brainstorm and journal about ideas and topics for this essay choice beginning a rough draft
  • creating an application account for any and all other available online college applications
  • many schools open their Fall application portals after July or August 1, and much of a student’s personal information can be filled before finalizing the personal statement
  • find out what each school’s additional essay questions are
  • choose your questions (if needed)
  • brainstorm and journalling about ideas and topics for this essay choice
  • begin a rough draft
  • add yourself to the mailing list for each school to which you are applying
  • “like” and "follow” schools’ Facebook Pages 

I encourage my high school seniors to get as much work as they can DONE on their personal statement essays during the summer. Fall of Senior year can be a stressful and overwhelming few months, but with just a bit of planning and preparation beforehand, these same months can feel easy and enjoyable!