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Big Picture


One of the many glorious aspects of Waldorf education is the teaching of the whole and its parts, and the parts integrating into the whole. In 'non-Waldorf speak', this is often termed 'big picture and little picture thinking'.

Both ways of thinking are needed and both are of value, especially when utilized in conjunction with the other. As we near summer and time seems to fly ever faster and faster, it is easiest to fall into 'little picture' thinking, taking care only of the small details and daily to-dos that bite at our heels and beep through our devices. But if we are able to call upon the deep roots that were sunk in the winter months of inner work and contemplation, we can balance out the summer's extroverted sense of time with the winter's call for stillness and calm.

Perhaps allot one time each day during this week for a BIG PICTURE moment - to remember where you and your family are, right now, at this point in your lives. Take a moment to look back, then envision forward, then return to the now. And voila! a big picture moment has occurred and onward you can head in your day, fresher, clearer and calmer after having experienced it.