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Getting Out of Your Own Way


The phrase 'get out of your own way' has popped up multiple times in the past few days, and thus given rise to thought and insight around it. A curious idea - that there is energy moving from within us, or perhaps through us, and that although this energy is uniquely and specifically coming through only us in that moment, we (consciously or unconsciously) block it from flowing.

Who made us the gatekeepers? Clearly, not saying and doing everything that comes into one's mind is a beneficial skill to have! But there are many times when we simply do not follow the signs, walk through the open doors, or embrace the hand that is reached out to us. Instead, we hinder our own progress by metaphorically putting one's own hand against one's chest and pressing backward - 'Halt!' the ego says - 'Halt!" - out of a sense of danger, and more specifically, out of fear. If we can hold our selves as we hold our children, we can gently yet firmly guide ourselves out of our own way. In this stepping aside, you choose your side, and the side you choose is yours. 

Here's to being the first one picked on your team!