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Following the Signs


"Please follow the signs". 

During my driving trip up north this past holiday weekend, this construction road sign caught my eye many a time and gave me pause. What signs are you following or ignoring? And what does one do when the signs are not in neon flashing lights, showing us clearly the way?

While there are times when the map and directions are given, more times than not we must go inward and follow our own inner compass. It is often helpful to pay attention to how your body is reacting when pondering a decision or taking a next step. Does your breath come easily? Do your shoulders tense up? Does your heart race with joy or does your throat stop up with emotion?

If we quiet down and listen to what our respective bodies tell us, we find direction easily. This is an ability that we have lost since childhood, but one that can be regained. If we look at the children around us, their joy, happiness, sorrow and fears are almost always immediately expressed. Whether it is a stomach ache from nerves or an uncontrollable 'joy bounce' of happiness, children have not 'learned' to suppress their body's ability to express their true emotional state. Perhaps we can each seek to un-learn some of our body's signs and confidently stride down our individual and interdependent paths with more ease and grace.

I hope to see you 'joy bouncing' down the road soon!